Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Surprises

Okay so I know its uncool to still believe in Santa at my age, but I have totally legit reasoning. Back when I was a kid my family was not poor, but we had the type of parents who'd rather spend money on themselves and only worked if they absolutely had to(Actually this was my mom, she had abandoned all of our dads and was living off welfare and child support).

So anyway, there were no gifts for us that christmas. Then up to our door one day walks some mysterious stranger carting loads of gifts in a car. Not all of these were for us mind you, but he did give me and my siblings gifts that christmas. Now all of this can be explained off as charity and crude up till this point, but one thing you can't explain is how everyone got the exact thing that they had wanted. For my little sister, a new Bop-it to replace her old one, for my brother power-ranger figures of his favorite super heros. And for me; socks, dress-cloths, and a tennis racquet. The exact freakin' things I had wanted for so long.
Now you can say that my bro is a typical boy and that the Bop-it thing was pure luck, but you can't tell me that someone out there knew that I wanted flipping socks for christmas. Santa is real, and he may not be the magical man who goes around delivering presents to boys and girls in a sleigh like the legends say. For me Santa is a guy named Rusty who walked up to my door one day and made me remember that even though my mom's a crappy adult, not everyone is like that.

Where time goes.

Okay I think now is the only point in time that I can raise this. Logically time is the first dimension. Look at 2D and 3D. 3D is an extension of 2D with an added element. So if this pattern is common then that means each higher dimension is an extension of the previous one. now since we have time here it can be assumed that the first dimension is time, since that's one of the things we've extended upon. The second would be a planar type space and the third is depth.
I always thought the fourth dimension thing was weird. Why would the pattern be that the dimensions extended from one another then all of a sudden the fourth was looped back into the third. Logically we can't exist on the 2D plane because it does not have the capacity to support us. So if time was the fourth then the third would not have the capacity to support it. So time has to be a dimension that came before the third, most likely the first. Making the order
  • Time
  • Space
  • Depth
And whatever come next.